Post-theistic Resources for Year A Anyone?

Interested in post-theistic resources but still using the Revised Common Lectionary?

I am looking for five to ten colleagues who may wish to work with post-theistic resources over the course of Year A. I began to create these resources at the beginning of Advent in 2014 using the next year’s texts, Year C of the Revised Common Lectionary, as my starting point. My review by the United Church, however, got in the way and I never completed the year. This past Advent, beginning in 2015, I started working on Year A. Again, the realities of my review have severely compromised my output but I do have enough to offer in exchange for some feedback.

The project includes the following post-theistic resources:

  • the lectionary passages for Year A, a few of them re-visioned for contemporary audiences
  • a secular theme which grows out of the lectionary passages for the week
  • alternate quotes related to the theme, a few with quote slides prepared for them
  • alternate readings related to the theme; these include an information section for the reader
  • a Focused Moment written to reflect the theme
  • sermon notes
  • links to external resources
  • song written to traditional hymn tunes – these are fewer than those for Year C

I had intended to write liturgical elements as well despite the fact that we do not use written prayers, versicles, or many of the traditional pieces found in worship services at West Hill. I hope to add these to the resources during the year. They will include words to introduce the readings, a call for the offering, and a short piece intended for use as a benediction or sending of the people out into the world.

For each Sunday I was at West Hill during the year, there are also audio files that you can listen to in order to make better sense out of what the sermon notes. I do not write my sermons but only use the notes that you’ll find here. Because of time constraints, regretably, I have not been able to modify them for clarity after each Sunday service.

Let me know if you’re interested and how you think you’ll use the resources. I will be working on Year B throughout this year and your input as to what you need, what you like and dislike, and information on how you use the resources will be very helpful. My intention is to eventually post the resources online for a small subscription or set fee. Those of you who sign up for this year’s resources will receive them all over the course of the next three years without cost; your feedback is more than adequate compensation and is much appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Post-theistic Resources for Year A Anyone?

  1. Fran Bazos

    Hi Gretta,
    My family & I came to West Hill this morning & we were so deeply impressed by the service and your words to the congregation. For me personally, church is a place where I seek to find like-minded caring and ethical people who are striving to make this world a better place. Although I am 72-years-old, my focus is not on where I am going after I die, but on whether I have made the world I am living in right now a better place in some small way. I feel that the world we live in offers me and all of us, who are lucky enough to be among the fortunate, so much beauty and nurture, that in some way, in how I live, in how I express gratitude, in how I interact with others, I want to give back.
    Your church, your books, your philosophy, all help me as I move forward in this life here on earth. I feel that if I live my life as well as I can, the rest will take care of itself. I have no interest in what happens to me after I am gone from this earth, so I could care less about “going to heaven” since I don’t believe in heaven as a concept. I long ago moved away from the notion of a supernatural god “out there”. I do believe in the power of the loving energy we can create between us as we try to contribute to this world in some way.
    Thank you for your words and your courage. I am currently reading With or Without God along with the members of my book study at Richmond hill United Church and started and will continue Amen as soon as I finish WOWG. Your words speak to my heart and even better, my mind.
    The United Church of Canada would be crazy to push someone like you away. You are the kind of minister we desperately need in this troubled world and in our own sometimes difficult lives.
    Hugs to you,
    Fran Bazos

  2. Harvey Ebner

    I read an article in the Brandon Sun today about
    You and your book . I found it very interesting
    and exactly what I have felt all my life regarding
    How we live rather than believing in a ficticious
    deity in the sky. I am 71 years old been with the United church all my life but don’t attend church.
    I am not an avid reader but will read your book.
    Good luck as you know most people believe your
    teachings but are afraid to say.

  3. Louise

    Hi Greta,
    Yes please – I’d love to sign up for post theistic resources for RCL year A in return for some feedback.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  4. John Wolforth

    I’ve been working through the entire Lectionary since earlier this year. I’m still hoping for someone to use my notes for an actual sermon. Or maybe they have and have not yet told me.
    I’ve been following you for some time, but haven’t specifically used something you’ve said, but certainly your statements do resonate.

  5. John Wolforth

    To elaborate, the intention of my project is to view the Bible as the historical document that it is and attempt to discern the meaning the original writers had. This is probably beyond anyone’s ability, and I have no illusions of doing a better job than the scholars, but I think anyone can do a little work and discover universal truths in the scriptures. Along the way, I have no problem pointing out false, outdated and harmful writing.

    I don’t intend to create a new theology, rather look for the mythological themes as well as political ideologies and tease them out of their antiquated time and place. Sometimes there’s nothing to find and I leave them where they are. Other times, a man chained up in a cave becomes a man I just passed on the street. If a character is calling for something that we know was not obtained in their lifetime or even their century, I look to what we’ve discovered since and add new voices to the old stories.

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