Sir Lloyd Geering, Wellington, New Zealand

In Defence of Gretta Vosper.

I understand that Gretta Vosper is soon to appear before a church committee to be examined concerning her beliefs. I do not know what her beliefs are but in my personal contacts with her I have found her to be a person of creative Christian faith, of which we have all too few in the ministry, especially at a time when human culture is changing so rapidly. I wish to give her moral and theological support… Continue Reading…

The Rev. John Shuck, Presbyterian Church (USA), Letter of Support

August 21, 2015

The Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell
Moderator, UCC
3250 Bloor St. West, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M8X 2Y4

Nora Sanders
General Secretary, UCC
3250 Bloor St. West, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M8X 2Y4 Canada

David Allen
Executive Secretary – Toronto Conference
65 Mayall Avenue, Toronto, ON M3L 1E7

The Reverend Bryan Ransom
President – Toronto Conference
65 Mayall Avenue, Toronto, ON M3L 1E7

Dear Esteemed Colleagues in the United Church of Canada,

I am writing on behalf of Rev. Gretta Vosper. Gretta is a… Continue Reading…

Visionary Support …

… and how you can get involved

It has been a challenging few months since Toronto Conference of the United Church ordered that I be reviewed due to concerns over the effectiveness of my ministry. But I have been uplifted by the wonderful support I’ve received and I wanted to share some of that with you and offer you some ways that you can also add your support to this incredible work we are engaged in.

Media interest and support

Colin Perkel kicked off the… Continue Reading…

Dividing the United Church

Today, at its meeting in Cornerbrook, NL, the General Council of The United Church of Canada (UCC) sent two petitions to a Commission rather than dealing with them with all its Commissioners in attendance. The two proposals had been triggered by both the review of my effectiveness ordered by Toronto Conference’s sub-Executive Committee and the sending of forms to the Rev. Bob Ripley by London Conference‘s Executive Secretary, Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa, that when completed, would remove him from the Order of Ministry in… Continue Reading…

We are not cold

a poem about tomorrow today….

photo by user shannontanski

photo by user shannontanski

This past Sunday, we explored the vantage point from which we can have an effect upon the future.

Really, there is only one vantage point.

It’s now. Not tomorrow.

Not when the future has already arrived.


With that in mind, the Focused Moment for the week began with the image of a much-beloved statue overlooking Washington, DC.



Lincoln’s statue,
oversees but a sliver… Continue Reading…

Alien Invasion

Nones Emerge as Major Religious Category

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed . . . Wait a minute! Someone’s crawling out of the hollow top. Someone or . . . something. I can see peering out of that black hole two luminous disks . . are they eyes? It might be a face. It might be . . .”

In 1938, when Orson Welles is supposed to have sparked mass panic with his radio broadcast of The… Continue Reading…

Denmark Bans Ritual Animal Slaughter | TIME

“Animal rights come before religion”

As the world’s anger rages in response to the senseless (and illegal) killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter James Palmer, an avid trophy hunter, Denmark takes a provocative step toward limiting religious freedoms and preventing what it terms animal cruelty.

Jewish and Muslim leaders have responded swiftly to the prohibition of the practice of ritual slaughter in the manner in which it is required under religious laws…. Continue Reading…

A Progressive Path

I was delighted to see that Clair Woodbury referred to the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity’s points in his article in the Edmonton Journal today, Christianity for the Questioning Generation.

Clair undertook to write a response to his granddaughter’s request for a brief outline of Christianity that she could share in her pluralistic school. It took him two years to write it. And he was already well down the road in his understanding of contemporary, critical scholarship before he even started.

My description of… Continue Reading…

When Girls Are Finally Seen

Often statistics and media coverage of current events continue to mirror the decades-old assumption that “men” means everybody. Rather than exploring the distinctions between how a system responds to women and girls and how it responds to men and boys, the reflections and projections are simply presented and the lack of clarity continues without anyone even recognizing that the information is incomplete. And that, because it is incomplete, the information is actually unhelpful. We just keep it out there as… Continue Reading…

What God is Supposed to be Saying

This and That

It’s a confusing world out there if you’re attempting to discern what a supernatural, divine being is trying to do and say in this world. Between, on the one hand, the millions of Seventh Day Adventists meeting to argue over whether the Bible permits or disallows the ordination of women, and, on the other, the Archbishop of Canterbury trying to placate his riven bishops after a vote to allow priests to perform same-sex marriages was passed at the Episcopal General Convention… Continue Reading…